CeLLogix allogenic bone scaffold
bone allograft containing viable bone-derived cells

CeLLogix cellular bone matrix is a viable allogeneic bone allograft containing viable bone-derived cells


CeLLogix Product Features

Osteoconductive three-dimensional scaffold with cortical & cancellous components

Demineralized bone scaffold with osteoinductive potential, which provides exposure of signaling molecules and bone morphogenetic proteins¹

Bone-derived cells to support osteogenic healing processes

Proprietary, optimized bone microparticulate size range of 100-300 μm²

DMSO-free cryoprotectant with no rinsing and decanting steps required

Average cell viability exceeds 80% post-thaw³

Minimum of 150,000 viable cells per cc of allograft post-thaw³

Convenient handling and preparation time in the OR

Four hour working window for implantation after thaw without loss of cell viability

Product shelf-life is two years from date of processing when stored at -65°C or colder


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3. Data on file at Vivex Biomedical, Inc.

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