Product Features

  First PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced VBR System

  Hydroxyapatite (HA) is fully integrated (not coated) with PEEK-OPTIMA, making it available on all surfaces of the device for earlier bone ongrowth and greater new bone formation ¹'²

  Two footprints (12x12.5mm & 14x14.5mm)

  Height range of 13mm to 75mm

  Parallel or lordotic up to a combined 15°

  Spacers and end caps provide intra-operative flexibility


1. Study evaluated the bone ongrowth of PEEK-OPTIMA and PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced in a bone defect model in sheep. Data on file at Invibio. This has not been correlated with human clinical experience

2. J. Henkel, M. A. Woodruff, D. R. Epari, R. Steck, V. Glatt, I. C. Dickinson, P. F. M. Choong, M. A. Schuetz, D. W. Hutmacher. Bone Regeneration Based on Tissue Engineering Conceptions — A 21st Century Perspective. Bone Research (2013) 1, 216–248.

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